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HOT Recipes
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Hot Recipes

Some great recipes where you will find Hollywoodsauce is a REQUIREMENT!

Asian Quesadillas with Cilantro & Mint
Bite You Back Cheese Bread Spread
Ceviche de Ostras (Guatemalan Oyster Ceviche)
Chesapeake Bay Classic Crab Cakes
Etta's Dungeness Crab Cakes
"I Wanna Iguana" Boiled Shrimp
Iggy’s Oyster Shots
Old Mayport Classic Crab Cakes
Shrimp and Coconut Spring Rolls
Shrimp de la Nooge
Smoky Shrimp Skewers
Stuffed Serrano or Poblano Peppers
Turkish Toasted Tortas
CaBoom! Pasta Salad
CaBoom! Taco Soup
Cha-Cha Chicken Salad
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chilled Cucumber Soup
Costa Rican Cole Slaw
Cowboy Stew
Creole Slaw
Jamaican Rice Salad with Ham
Southern Vegetable Soup
"Taco" Dip Salad
BeeSting Fish Tacos
Breakfast Tortilla
CaBoom! Texas Chili
Cap’n Waldo’s Famous Potato/veggie, bacon and Eggs Breakfast Goodie ( kinda a keesh thingy)
Carolina Style Slow Cooked Pulled Pork
Grilled Asian-Mex Fusion Tacos
Hawaiian Chili
Migas con CaBoom!
Smoky Aztec Chili
Caramelized Carrots
Caribbean Baked Butter Beans
Coconut Lime Rice
Crispy Peachy Bacon
Curried Chickpeas n' Onions
Gamma Ray Veggie Ramen Noodles
Miami Ceviche
Quick Zesty Garlic Bread
Sautéed Bubba Beans
Smoky Black Beans
Stir-Fly Cumin Cabbage
Stuffed Chayote or Christophene
Bombard’s Firehouse Spread
CaBoom! con Queso
Carib’Bean Salsa
Easy Cracker Spread
Fruit and Pepper Salsa
Iggy’s Blazin’ Party Mix
Iggy's Grilled Nuts
Jone's Dip
Salsa Criolla Limena
"Taco" Dip Salad
Darcy's Marinade
Glazed to Perversion
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